Contractor & Site Management

Contractor Management and Site Management. Organizations that hire contractors, subcontractors or any external organization to do work on a site you control are legally responsible for the health & safety of all persons working on their projects. A major way you can ensure contractor safety is through proper evaluation of contractors to ensure the people you hire have proper safety systems in place themselves.

This short video talks about how we can help you pick the right contractors, orient them properly to your safety system, conduct incident investigations, and manage the relationship with the government should they decide to investigate you.

Agriflo Professional Services: Health & Safety can provide you with these services and more. Our team includes Registered Safety Professionals, who are COR & SafeWork Certified Auditors. We have 10+ years experience with companies from 2-10000 Employees. We specialize in the Seed, Feed, Food and Grain sectors, but work with agri-businesses of all kinds.

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