As the food industry grows in this global economy the need arises for the ability to trace and track our food. This need has added extra work to processors while they still deal with tight margins. There is a constant pressure for stronger Quality Assurance while maintaining through put. For most processors, there are too many separate systems where information is stored and this information is used to manage the facility.

The increased demand for food safety, and the need to have tracing and trackability throughout the full process can cause challenges in tracking in real time which have an impact on productivity, margins and plant through put. More than ever there is a current need to have a fully integrated system to help flow the information throughout the process, while still being able to track and trace your food safety.

Fully Integrated Software

Agriflo – Food will provide your facility with a fully integrated software that will allow you to integrate your software into your food safety or HACCP policies. This will reduce your work load while allowing you the capability to monitor. Agriflo – Food will allow you to set up recurring tasks, Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP policy so that you do not have to worry that you will miss a process that may impact your food safety.

Track & Trace

Using Agriflo – Food will allow you the capability to track and trace your product through the process, allowing you to make sure that you are providing a high-quality product that will be able to be tracked from field to trough. Agriflo – Food will allow you to research a recall of a lot in a timely matter, that will not take time away from processing.


By using Agriflo – Food you will be reducing your time spent on compliance and allow you more time for managing your business providing a value-added product.

Agriflo – Food can help you centralize your information in a closed loop system which will help manage inventory and your compliance in real time.

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